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I've just had to buy a cleaning tape for the tape drive in my workstation. It turns out the little green light on the front that's been there for about the last year was not `power' but `clean me' and the cleaning tape that came with the drive is probably still in Bristol. The tape drive was sold by a certain large disc drive company, but since then they appear to have sold off their tape division and renamed it with one of those names that sound as though they ought to mean something, but don't, a la `Consignia', `Accenture'. Feh. So much fun was had actually buying the tape.

Anyway, the point I was going to make was this. They sent me an invoice: one of these things printed on backed paper where bits of it get peeled off and stuck on the parcel. And next to various details on the invoice were... little scroll bars.

Scroll bars on paper? After all that faffing around with the desktop metaphor, are we going to solve all the problems by doing it the other way round and making paper look like a computer screen?

OK, I know they're probably just printing out a web page. It's still rubbish, though. How do I scroll down if I want to know what I can't see?


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